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VVOLVEN composed the theme for the Boyfriend Twin Podcast, which stars Taha Arshad and Kevin McDonald. They discuss queer life, current events, and pop culture. The first episode is linked below:


Producer, Remixer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer

VVOLVEN participated in Riot Games' remix contest for the latest update for their game Teamfight Tactics.  Based on Steve Aoki's remix, VVOLVEN created a remix heavily inspired by noise and industrial music.


Composer, Arranger, Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer

For VVOLVEN's latest project, they are collaborating with some of their closest friends to perform covers of songs by artists that are important to them and their collaborators. This mixtape will be called DIGGING DEEP, and will have a mixture of covers and original instrumentals. They released a cover of Best Coast's "Our Deal" with Halley Neal, a cover of Antony and the Johnsons' "Hope There's Someone" with David Maluki , and most recently a cover of SOPHIE's "Infatuation" with Taro. More covers and collaborations are to come. All artwork and animations are by Jacob Rossacci.

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Composer, Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer,  Music Editor, Audio Editor

VVOLVEN collaborated with Jacob Rossacci on his stop motion film "Ur" as the sound designer and composer, but the film was unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic. The film follows various alien species exploring their habitats. Here is a WIP clip from the film, which follows the creature known as a "thwarplett."


Composer, Sound Designer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer, Music Editor, Audio Editor

Created by Atsina Corrington, EMBOWER is a 2D platformer video game about the dangers of climate change and deforestation. Using a unique power, a young boy and his bird friend travel to various locations hoping to heal the fauna of their world. Check out the trailer below, and download the game here! The EMBOWER (Original Game Soundtrack) is available on all streaming platforms.


Composer, Producer, Mixing /Mastering Engineer, Visualization Creator, Artist

VVOLVEN's debut EP, ANOMALOUS, is out now on all streaming platforms. Visualizations accompany the release as Spotify Canvases. ANOMALOUS explores their journey as a queer person. Each track focuses on different portions of their life: their innocent and naive childhood, questioning their sexuality and gender identity as a teen, hiding who they are as a teen, and being happy with their current state of being in the present. 


Composer, Producer, Mixing /Mastering Engineer, Visualization Creator, Artist

VVOLVEN's debut single, "DISCONTENT," is out now on all streaming platforms. A visualizer video  and a Spotify Canvas accompanies the release of this single. "DISCONTENT" brings their anger and frustration to focus, with anxious and crippling sounds that are inescapable. 

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Composer, Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer, Music Editor, Audio Editor

This short, created by Jacob Rossacci, explores how our minds can create and manifest fears. Anthropoid follows a chimp wandering the jungle, who constantly encounters such manifestations. 

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